Simple tips to staying healthy through the holidays

The holiday season is just about here and that means a lot of family gatherings, office parties and
temptation in the form of sweet treats and over-indulgence. Unfortunately, flu and cold season is also
around the corner, making all those gatherings, and tasty indulgences, a bit more risky. After all, your
immune system has to be fed well in order to work well, and it’s hard to do that during the holidays!
Don’t worry though, you don’t have to skip the fun in order to stay healthy. The following ideas can
help you enjoy the season, without the regret that comes from overdoing it! You’ll also be able to
support your immune system and boost your nutrition in the process.

Increase your hydration
According to a study published by Harvard, staying hydrated helps fight infection, facilitates organ
function and helps deliver nutrients to cells. It also found that mood, cognition and quality of sleep also
improves with proper hydration. During the winter, however, most people drink less water. You can
easily solve this problem by making it your goal to drink water with every meal. If you drink caffeinated
drinks, drink water alongside them to balance out your intake. Keep in mind, sugary drinks, energy
drinks, coffee and tea do not count when it comes to hydration.

Support your immune system
Anytime you’re around groups of people, you’re going to be exposed to more germs. In colder
climates, this is intensified because people keep the windows and doors shut, recirculating the same
air. To help your body be ready for whatever it faces, you should start supporting your immune system
now. A few easy steps you can take are to get enough sleep, improve your nutritional intake, reduce
your stress where possible and limit alcohol intake. Additionally, consider adding an immune supportsupplement to your daily regime.

Pay attention to your digestion
A good deal of health actually begins in the gut, but most people don’t pay a lot of attention to their gut
health unless something’s wrong. Acid reflux, indigestion and other discomforts are just the start of it,
because studies show that gut health impacts the immune system and overall health. Adding a
premium probiotic to your routine will improve your digestion and overall gut health. Just make sure that you use one with significant levels of active compounds so that you get the full benefits of the

Reduce overeating the smart way
Overeating and the holidays seem to go hand in hand, especially when it comes to rich, heavy and
sugary foods. This can be just as bad for your health as it can be for your waistline! You can enjoy the
holidays, and the food, in moderation by using the protein strategy. Simply enjoy a healthy protein
blend before holiday meals to reduce overeating. This will improve your nutrition, boost your protein
intake and make it a lot easier to eat in moderation. Just make sure you select a high-quality protein that has a complete amino acid profile.

With the holidays approaching, many people are anxious about protecting their health and reducing
the spread of seasonal bugs. By using these tips you will be able to nourish your health, support your
immune system and stay healthy all winter long.

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