I first found Premium Feast in 2006. I was dozing off while out of town one afternoon at an important business meeting. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had a light case of sleep apnea and was having trouble staying alert/awake after lunch each day. It was pretty bad. I was miserable and my energy level was often depleted before my day was over. A colleague of mine slipped me a packet of Premium Feast Turbo and told me to go mix it with water and drink it. Well, the rest is history because within 30 minutes I was bouncing my pencil on the edge of the table and tapping my foot under the table!! I had so much energy that I couldn’t sit still in the business meeting! I couldn’t believe it - I felt 18 again! I signed up and made an order right away! It seemed I was giving sample packets to everyone! 


In the first month, the product helped me lose 30 pounds and maintain my weight. I noticed it was giving me back much-needed alertness in the afternoon and especially while driving! I also noticed I would sleep better at night after days where I had taken the product. My wife noticed considerably fewer joint aches and pains with the product, as well as the increased energy. I have tried hundreds of products and nothing compares for results and taste. I have used Mr. LeBaron’s products for 14 years and have no plans to stop! I have referred the company’s products to hundreds of people whenever I notice someone yawning or getting sleepy. 


When I run out of the product, I cannot find anything for a substitute, and I have tried many, many things. I make sure to order every three weeks to stay ahead of running out!! David and Mandy are incredible people to work with and the product is second to none! Thank you for 14 great years!

Jason Nightingale, Holistic Planner - Safe Money Solutions, LLC

 Robert Offers a Premium Feast Testimonial


Robert shares a product review of the Premium Feast.

This is an excellent organic super-foods product. The taste is great and the phenomenal nutritional profile makes it an important part of a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.


Scott Testimonial - lost 22 pounds

This is an excellent video testimonial shared by Scott, and offers helpful information for anyone wishing to lose weight.

How I Lost 22 Pounds offers is an inspiring insight on how Scott lost 22 Pounds in his first month with Premium Feast. He and his wife, Jolene, have had amazing results on the certified organic whole food product.

In addition to the weight loss, Scott shares how he also lost his sugar cravings and was able to give up drinking sodas without side effects.


Jolene Testimonial - lost 41 pounds


How I lost 41 pounds in 2 months is a two month update from Jolene on how she is progressing. This is her second-month video testimonial shared by Jolene and documents her excellent weight loss.

Jolene shares "How I lost 41 pounds in 2 months" and is not having the headaches that she had before.

Jolene offers her amazing story and talks about how she enjoys taking the Premium Feast and Premium Feast Turbo to transform her health, wellness, and energy.

In addition to her weight loss, Jolene was able to give up drinking sodas with no caffeine withdrawal and no headaches.