Getting Protein without Using Animal Products

One question people who choose not to consume animal products get often? “How do you get your protein then?” While it is true that meat like chicken can have dozens of grams of protein, those who do not want to eat meat or partake in any animal products do have options.

Of course, not everyone may realize why proteins are so paramount for optimal health. Here are just a few of the incredible things proteins do for your body. 

Supercharges your metabolism

Losing weight requires a strong metabolism. Metabolism breaks down your food and burns your calories. When it is high, then it works well during periods of high activity and even some rest. Large amounts of protein supercharge your metabolism, and foods high in protein are key. 

Torpedoes those late-night cravings

Late-night cravings are a danger to many a diet. When you eat too much food right before bed, or even in the middle of the night, then your body does not have a chance to burn through those calories. You put too heavy a burden on your digestive system. Diets high in protein keep you feeling full longer, and you are not as likely to crave anything later in the evening. 

Diminishes higher blood pressure

The higher your blood pressure, the higher your chances of developing heart problems. Basically, the harder your heart works, then the more you increase your chances of it wearing out. Protein-rich foods reduce insulin in your blood, which in turn reduces your blood pressure. Lower insulin levels also lessen your sodium retention, and that is terrific for your heart as well. 

At Rezealiant, we believe everyone should have access to these incredible protein benefits, and no one should be left out just because they choose to maintain a vegetarian or vegan diet. That is why we created Premium Veggie Protein. It is a power-packed, plant-based protein powder that gets your body the results it needs. It is a 1005-natural vegetarian protein, meaning absolutely no dairy, soy, or animal proteins! It comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors, and when mixed with coconut or almond milk, it makes for a delicious protein shake! Why not try it today

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