Carrot + for Incredible Skin and Bone Health

With summer on the way, it is time to get your skin and body ready for the sun and activity! Besides sunscreen, what you eat and drink can help protect your health as well. One of the most crucial foods for the summertime is carrots. If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, then a carrot a day can keep the sun at bay! Here are some ways carrots can keep you healthy all summer long.

Blocks the sun’s radiation

Carrots contain beta carotene. This is a nutrient that your body converts into vitamin A once you consume it. This vitamin encourages natural moisturizing and helps properly hydrate your skin. When used in conjunction with sunscreen, vitamin A can keep your skin safe from the sun’s rays and repair your skin tissue along the way.

Improve dry skin

Dry skin is not just a winter issue. Summer can just as easily dry out your skin as a colder season can! Heat and more sun exposure are major culprits, as well as chlorine for those of you who spend more time in a pool. Low potassium levels are often behind dry skin, and since carrots are loaded with potassium, you need them in your diet to avoid dryness!

Promote strong bone health

Healthy bones need more than just calcium and vitamin D to thrive. Vitamin K1 contains proteins that aid in bone formation and then keep those bones sturdy, and this vitamin is found in carrots. With how much time you may spend doing fun yet strenuous summertime activities like swimming, hiking, or canoeing, then you need healthy bones to avoid being sidelined by a bone break or sprain! 

Our product Carrot+™ is an excellent source of exactly what we described your body needs for incredible skin and bone health. Even better, it is a natural, pure, wholesome powdered mix free of any fillers, gluten, dairy, GMOs, excipients, and animal products. One scoop of Carrot+™in 4-10 ounces of water or your favorite drink gives you the nutritional benefits of carrots, along with additional incentives for your overall health. Order today, and your skin and bones will definitely be ready for the summer season!

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