A message from our founder

When it comes to colds, flu & viruses our bodies first line of defense is the immune system response. The healthier our immune systems is the better we are able to fight off the viruses. With everything that is happening now, it is more vital than ever that we take action to support, boost and strengthen our immune system. Getting Premium Feast into our bodies daily is a great way to provide the nutritional benefits of organic berries, fruits, vegetables, greens, enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics, which are some of the most important building blocks for a strong immune system.

One of the biggest things that we have really enjoyed about Premium Feast is the taste. The taste is just amazing for what it has, the ingredients in it. We noticed that it has a lot of juice extracts and things like wheatgrass, barley, spirulina, and just all the really significant vitamin things that we really like to enjoy without having to take a whole bunch of supplements to get it. We’ve tried a lot of different superfoods and things like that over the years...You can really taste the seaweed form in a lot of these superfoods and so therefore our kids don’t really want to take that stuff...For one thing, they’re kids and they want things that taste good, and so [with] this product here we have transitioned our kids over to taking it now and they love it because they don’t have to take all of the vitamins that they were taking before...the kelp has the iodine and things like that in it that’s really good for them and so that’s kind of some of the major factors that we’ve really enjoyed about it. I take it in the mornings but I like to take it before I go to the gym and I’ll take it maybe a half hour before I go work out...It gives me all the nutrition and the energy to get through the class. It’s like I don’t even feel like I’m lacking anything throughout the whole class.

It’s, you know, new for us and...we want to have things that work for everybody and that are really just nutritious and fit it into the reality of life. I think the tasting is really what turns [others] off towards a lot of these other powders, but with this product here, we were just amazed and blown away by it. It has all of this and...it tastes like this. It was one of the greatest things and...just last week we were telling our kids they really should be taking this because they sit and complain about other, similar products and...they tried this and said it doesn’t taste so bad...we were able to get them onto that.

As far as giving me the energy and stuff because I work out pretty hard...this tends to do the trick...the taste I just kind have been acclimated to and just have gotten used to that…for our whole family we just have this product that we can all use, which is wonderful and perfect.